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You Buy The Result, We Sell The Guarantee.

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Ungex Presents ‘Mites Solution’.

Few people may know that Demodex mites exist, let alone could be contributing to their skin and hair problems.

The connection should be made that Ungex’s products can help ensure that mites are not only eliminated but also as prevention of these issues.

All four products are included with in our ‘Essential Kit A1′ and work in conjunction to help effectively eliminate Demodex mites.

UNGEX helps to eliminate mites through its innovative Care Plan. The Care Plan is a combination of UNGEX products used in conjunction with the correct method.

Your care plan should last a minimum of 3 months in order to achieve the most beneficial results 

(Refer to FAQ for more about life cycle).
This will require you to purchase 2 or more Essential Kit’s in order to target all generations of mites. Product capacity time varies, depending on length of hair and severity of condition.


Invigorating Shampoo (IS) 125ml*
(Approx.) USD $38.00 = AUD A$58.00

Purifying Shampoo (PS) 125ml*
(Approx.) USD $38.00 = AUD A$58.00

Treatment Hair Tonic (THT) 125ml*
(Approx.) USD $168.00 = AUD A$238.00

Pro-D’Modex Treatment (PDT) 125ml*
(Approx.) USD $268.00 = AUD A$378.00


Essential Kit A1 EKA1

(4 items together) = GREAT SAVINGS
(Approx.) USD $308.00 =  AUD A$428.00

Breakdown of products to be used:
• Invigorating Shampoo (IS)
• Purifying Shampoo (PS)
• Treatment Hair Tonic (THT)
• Pro-D'Modex Treatment (PDT) 


A. All above products should be used properly based on the right Direction for Use and details of User's Guide.

B. Using individual product can help control the density of mites however, if you wish to help eliminate all generations of the mites, you should use IS, PS, THT and PDT all together with the right Care Plan.

C. All above products are MADE IN AUSTRALIA.

*Terms and conditions apply.

To enquire simply email and leave your details, or call our International Hotline: 0061399397575 or click here.

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